Advantages of a comprehensive logistics service

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A comprehensive logistics service that can meet all or most of the needs of your supply chain can mean a leap in quality for your entire organization. This week we are going to briefly review some of the advantages that working in this way can offer you.

Advantages of a comprehensive logistics service

A provider that integrates all your logistics processes will have an easier time optimizing them. It will also be easier for you to analyze, draw conclusions and apply them where necessary. If our logistics has a large number of participants, it will be necessary to be able to combine working with all of them without losing information along the way or reducing the ability to find where the problem may be or the possibilities for improvement.

overall strategy

How do we want our supply chain and logistics to be? When thinking about it, designing it and improving it, by working with a comprehensive logistics service we will have more facilities to transmit our purposes, execute them and make them come true.

Costs of a comprehensive logistics service

Operationally, the logistics operator that provides you with a comprehensive logistics service can find synergies in a more comfortable way. Agglomerating operations also has other indirect savings, such as the centralization of communications. Other savings from the concentration of operations typically come from consolidating merchandise from several warehouses into a single one.


The integration throughout the company will improve many aspects. One of them is planning. Being able to take demand planning, material supply, anticipate distribution needs, etc. Demand planning will once again affect what was discussed in the previous point, reducing unnecessary costs that are not adding value.

Strengthening these four advantages can be of great help.

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