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Christmas and the last mile in logistics

One month before Christmas, the logistics sector is already working at full capacity in order to meet all the storage and transport needs that come together on these dates. And is that, if forecasts had always been made for these dates, the implementation of Black Friday has further advanced the arrival of the first peaks of merchandise. The last mile in logistics has before it some key dates.

How Christmas affects last mile logistics

These dates of high stress in the supply chain have to deal with some factors that will be maximized. Let’s see some of them.

Increase in shipments to individuals

Gifts, self-gifts, Christmas baskets… Shipments to individuals are increasing not only from companies (known as B2C shipments, business to client), but also among individuals themselves who want to send a souvenir to their loved ones. This growth in shipments is reflected almost entirely in the volume of parcel shipments, since few individuals send pallets to each other. Thus, parcels play a central role on these dates.

Increases in shipments between companies

But, logically, not all the distribution is between individuals. We Spaniards will go, like every year, to the big shopping centers to do part of our Christmas shopping. Therefore, palletized distribution to these points will continue to be essential. Given the greater amount of volume, it will be essential to have as a logistics partner companies that are capable of adapting to the situation and have the capacity to absorb the volumes and deal with the increases in waiting times and with the demanding schedules in this type of deliveries.

Increase in traffic jams in the last mile in logistics

The cores of the cities are expected to be more bustling than usual. This affects the ease that delivery people have to reach these parts, for example at homes. More traffic jams and congestion will increase the time needed for deliveries. It is a great challenge to have to deal with a greater number of deliveries, which take longer to complete, but in a day that lasts the same hours.

What can you do in this situation?

There are two tips that can help you have the most peaceful parties possible:


There will always be rushes, last-minute shipments, emergencies… But reducing these cases to the minimum possible will put things in your face. Plan ahead and advance what you can to the extent that it is feasible. On many occasions, the possible cost of storage or stock will compensate for reducing the costs of urgent shipments or resolution of incidents.

Having good allies in the last mile in logistics

The quality of your logistics partner will be essential for the progress of your supply chain. Having quality distribution networks by your side will reduce the impact that these dates have on logistics. The best transport companies increase their resources for these dates, in such a way that the sharp increase in the number of shipments can be compensated as much as possible.

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