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Exploring The Advantages Of A Water Butt

You might be having one of the smart water butts but are you acquainted with its benefits in reality? It is a huge container that can be utilized to collect and stock up rainwater. When connected with a drain, the water butt gathers the rainwater that lands on the roof of a building so it can be utilized afterwards. It is this time of year, when rainfall has been in short supply, and water butts turn out to be actually of use.

The following are some of the key benefits of installing a water butt:

  • To save water and money

As per the Waterwise, if every family unit in the UK got a standard water butt this would save approximately 30,000 million litres of water each summer. If the water is metered, you could even save on the bill significantly.

  • To have a handy source of water for the garden during dry spell

Smart setting up and utilization of a water butt can make sure you have got water for the garden throughout the year without using a single drop from a hosepipe or a tap, especially when there is a hosepipe ban.

  • To keep away from making use of chemically treated water on plants

Did you know that biologically, as compared to tap water, rainwater is better for plants?

  • To save energy

Getting the water treated to drinkable criteria and pumping it to families is energy exhaustive. Bearing in mind plants favour rainwater, why waste drinking water on plants?

  • To help freshwater ecosystems

The south east of England is badly water stressed, meaning that the demand for water surpasses the supply. A great deal of our water supply is drawn from the underground reserves or rivers that nourish them. The demand for water is higher during dry spells when the flow of rivers may already be severely low. So, lessening this demand boosts the health of our rivers.

This is why we often sing the praises of a humble water butt. You can buy water butt taps from Free Flush for your home and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above and contribute significantly to help save the precious jewel of this planet – WATER!

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