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fixed and mixed mortgages more expensive again

It was nice while it lasted: ING makes its fixed and mixed mortgages more expensive again


A little over a month ago, ING surprised locals and strangers by announcing that it was lowering the interest on its fixed mortgage and, also, on the mixed one. It was a measure taken against the tide, given that banks have chosen, in recent months, to do just the opposite: make their fixed and mixed rates more expensive to encourage variables and maintain their profit margins in the face of the European Central Bank’s interest rate hike.

This reduction, however, has been short-lived. Since yesterday, ING’s fixed-rate and mixed-rate mortgages have a higher interest rate; especially those of the first modality. Do you want to know what are the new prices offered by this online bank? We tell you about it below.

This is how the interest of the Fixed Orange Mortgage of ING has risen

Let’s start with the Fixed Orange Mortgage, which was the one that had become cheaper in January (from 3.55% to 3.30%). From now on, the interest of this product is significantly higher:

Interest before Interest now
3.30% at 25 years 3.50% at 25 years

This interest is what you can get if you direct deposit your payroll in ING and take out the home and life insurance offered by the bank. If you do not meet any of these requirements, the applied rate rises by 0.50 percentage points.

And so the Mixed Orange Mortgage of ING has become more expensive

As for the Mixed Orange Mortgage, the interest that has risen is the fixed rate that is applied during the first ten years of the term. However, unlike what has happened with the other product, the increase is only 0.05 percentage points:

Interest before Interest now
3.15% in the first 10 years

E + 0.79% the following

3.20% in the first 10 years

E + 0.79% the following

This interest is also subsidized by 0.5 percentage points for domiciling the payroll in ING and contracting their home and life insurance. The repayment term of this mixed mortgage can be up to 40 years.

Which banks offer better mortgages than ING’s?

As you can see, the mortgages offered by ING if you want to have a fixed or mixed interest are now significantly more expensive. However, there are other banks that can offer you products of this class with more attractive conditions than those of this online entity of Dutch origin.

At a fixed rate, for example, BBVA’s Fixed Mortgage is one of the cheapest. It has an interest from 2.80%, which you can get in exchange for domiciling your payroll and contracting the home and life insurance of the entity. If you don’t meet these requirements, the rate will go up by up to one percentage point.

And at a mixed rate, you may be interested in the Openbank Open Mixed Mortgage, whose interest is from 2.48% the first ten years and from Euribor plus 0.55% the following. These rates are subsidized by 0.80 points for domiciling income, contracting home and life insurance from the bank, using one of its credit cards, investing in one of its funds or pension plans and contracting electricity and gas supplies with Repsol.

Do you want to consult other interesting offers? Take a look at our ranking and discover which are the best mortgages in the market at fixed, mixed and variable rate:

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