Four things to keep in mind when shipping domestic pallets

If your company needs to hire transport, it is essential that you know the basics of national pallet shipping. Our little wooden friends are one of the most popular ways to move products, so you should understand the basics of express pallet shipping so you can choose the best option for your needs.

Four Fundamental Aspects of Domestic Pallet Shipping

Transgesa is convinced that the express delivery of pallets throughout Spain has a great future. That is why we are one of the original franchisees of the Palibex network, which is the first 100% Spanish network specialized in this type of shipment.

The paleteria networks arrived in Spain from the United Kingdom. We are going to explain fundamental concepts that are usually common in them, practically all over the world, but emphasizing the services that differentiate Palibex.

Pallet Types

The most common is that for shipments of national pallets, a series of types of pallets are established, based on their weight and size. This allows companies to have rates that are intuitive and easy to understand. Once they get used to the different ranges of kilos and centimeters, they can take advantage of them to balance their shipments of pallets and save costs.


Transgesa, as a Palibex branch in Madrid, has rates based on zones, the cost of which increases as the destination moves away from Madrid. It is, once again, the usual way of working in paleteria networks. While in parcels it is more common to find unique prices throughout the peninsula, in national pallet shipping the most common is this type of zoning by provinces or communities.


The two basic and most traditional services in the shipment of national pallets are express delivery (24 hours) and economic delivery (48 hours). Transgesa, through the Palibex network, works to improve its service every day. And from this shared desire, new faster services have been emerging, trying to follow the path opened by the parcel companies as far as urgency is concerned.

In this way we can offer services such as AM or 10 am, to deliver before noon or even before 10 am. Other possibilities are the VIP service, with preferential treatment of merchandise, or LTL, which offers groupage of a greater number of pallets. Although the express and economic services cover most situations, having a greater variety of solutions can save your ticket on more than one occasion. Especially if we talk about very urgent deliveries.

Specialization in the shipment of national pallets

Working with specialists shows. Not all transport companies can count on specialized networks in a niche such as national pallet shipping. Fortunately, we can count on a network whose processes are one hundred percent focused on this sector, with the advantages that this entails. For example, merchandise is not mixed with loose packages, cleaning is prioritized due to the great importance of the consumer goods sector, etc.

The networks that are specialized in sending national pallets have an easier time giving the appropriate answers for this type of transit.

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