Four things to keep in mind when transporting urgent national pallets

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In Spain there are literally thousands of companies that can move palletized merchandise. Therefore, to move in the urgent national transport of pallets and hit the right with your provider, it will be useful to take into account some aspects.

Take a look at this in the urgent national transport of pallets

Is your logistics operator specialized in the transport of national pallets? At Transgesa, thanks to being part of PBX, we have a distribution network that is exclusively dedicated to sending palletized merchandise throughout Spain. This means that the design of the processes is made thinking exclusively of the characteristics of this merchandise. In addition to the fact that it only travels with other palletized merchandise, improving the stability in the pallets and the security of the merchandise.
How your operator connects

The most common and traditional way of coordinating merchandise from different parts of Spain is with warehouses located in the center of the peninsula, usually in Madrid. However, in order to achieve greater efficiency and speed, the work is directed towards the development of secondary centers that prevent all merchandise from having to pass through Madrid.
A reliable network in the urgent national transport of pallets

Although most of the merchandise goes, as is to be expected, to the big cities, many times the challenge lies in being able to deliver pallets with the same quality of service at all points.

A reliable national transport network for pallets must not have black holes, points at which the merchandise enters a Bermuda triangle where information is missing or the pre-established deadlines are delayed. If you are afraid of sending merchandise to a destination of your logistics operator, this is probably not a good sign.

Again, most pallet deliveries correspond to a profile between companies, by docks, often in large commercial areas or industrial warehouses… However, for many companies that contract national pallet transport, it is essential to have delivery options that cover other needs. Deliveries to individuals are more likely to require depalletizing or palletizing, coordinating deliveries with them, etc.

Flexibility also includes various modes of delivery, faster, cheaper, in special time slots, direct services, etc.

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