Hjs Hari Jaya Sejahtera Transportation

In addition, there are different public airports within the province such as Notohadinegoro Airport in Jember Regency, Iswahyudi Air Force Base in Madiun Regency, and Trunojoyo Airport in Sumenep Regency. In Tuban there are the most important cement factories in Indonesia, specifically Semen Indonesia (ex-Semen Gresik), and Semen Holcim and the Petrochemical Refinery Area. Small industrial centers are spread all through the districts / cities, and some of them have penetrated exports; The leather-based craft industry within the type of baggage and sneakers at Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo is certainly one of the very famous small industries. Maintenance costs- Every freight and delivery company goes to have upkeep costs.

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