How many pallets fit in a Transgesa trailer

Many times the questions that may seem most basic or simplest are the most important. Sometimes it seems that we may hesitate to ask it or we may underestimate the usefulness of knowing it; two errors that we will do well to correct. In other blog articles we have dealt with elementary concepts such as types of pallets and even the correct way to write pallet (to the detriment of forms such as pallets or pallets, although they are more used). That is why we believe that it is a good opportunity to answer another common question: How many pallets fit in a trailer?

Why do we want to know how many pallets fit in a trailer?

First of all, it must be made clear that more than satisfying a mere curiosity, the answer to this question can help you with your merchandise shipments, even if you are never going to fill a full trailer. Understanding how many you can fit in a trailer and why it should make it easier for you to understand why your carrier is so insistent on knowing the measurements of your pallet shipments and will teach you the importance of optimizing space to improve your shipping costs. Logistics.

How many pallets fit in a trailer?

With the preliminaries over, let’s get to the heart of the matter. If the question had to be answered by giving only one number, it would be 33. However, things are not that simple. Or at least you have to understand why 33 is often the correct answer.

Logically, in order to know how many pallets fit in a trailer, we need to know the measurements of the trailer (more specifically of its box) and of the pallets that it has to transport. In Spain, the most used pallet is the one known as European, whose base measures 120 cm by 80 cm. In this way, the trailers can form rows of two or three pallets, totaling 240 centimeters wide in both cases.

Thus, in the most used trailers, these rows are combined to reach 33 pallets per trailer. But, although it is the most common, it must be taken into account that there are different box sizes or options such as mega-trailers -with an additional trailer-.

You can’t forget about weight either. Depending on their characteristics -such as the number of axles-, the trailers have a maximum weight that must be respected. Going back to the most common cases of 33 pallets, the allowed load weight is 24 tons. Therefore, be careful if you want to send 33 pallets of 800 kilos each because you will be exceeding yourself.
Be creative

But it’s not all bad news. There are completely legal ways to increase the number of pallets you can carry in a trailer, such as stacking pallets on top of each other. This way you can double the number of pallets transported. Although, before starting to lift, make sure that you are going to have enough height in the trailer and, just as important, that your merchandise can be lifted (that it is not fragile, that the pallets are stable, that the boxes do not carry air so as not to get crushed, etc.).

Until now we have referred to the most common measurements and, although the most common pallet in Spain is the European one, the American pallet also deserves a mention. In this case, its base is 100×120 centimeters, which will allow us to haul 26 of them in the most common trailers.

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