How to make your logistics efficient

Doing things and doing them well are two very different things. For the same reason, having logistics and having efficient logistics are two contrasting cases. The difference between a mid-table team and a title contender. To achieve this efficiency there are many things to take care of. We are going to propose some of the ones that we consider most relevant for you to be successful.

How to make your logistics more efficient

Or, what is the same, do not improvise unnecessarily -or due to lack of planning-. In the world of logistics there are usually ways to solve the lack of planning. But this will almost always mean an increase in the costs of your supply chain. Planning implies knowing what we want to do and how we want to do it with enough time to be able to have the means to do it (at a cost that does not include the concept of ‘hurry’). Know what you want to achieve to start walking towards how to achieve it.

Commitment to communication for efficient logistics

Good logistics requires that the different parts of the chain are in constant communication with each other. Here we are going to propose to understand that communication in two different ways:

Communication between people: people with the ability to communicate and teamwork should be a priority for you.
Technological communication: the supply chain must also be able to share information among its members based on technology (shipment traceability, stock status, etc.).

use the data

No matter how many times it is said, it will not stop being true: what you cannot measure, you cannot control. Good logistics must have data as one of its central cores. Before we have talked about technological communication, and thanks to it we can also obtain performance indicators. Putting figures, commas and percentages to our processes is to be in the right direction to achieve efficient logistics.

Know yourself

If you want efficient logistics, it is also necessary to know what type of logistics you need. There will be logistics companies that require very complex order preparation, while others need a logistics operator that can provide a wide variety of delivery options (depalletization, arranged deliveries, access to urban centers, etc.). While for others the key point will be the speed of delivery. What kind of logistics do you need?

Play as a team

A supply chain is made up of many links. You don’t have to look to have superstars, but look at the group of people who work in it and make them a good group. People who are technologically prepared to use the necessary tools, staff with empathy and communication skills to serve the customer or workers capable of taking the initiative in moments of tension or who require quick solutions.

Remember, chains are only as weak as the weakest link.

If you sense that your logistics is not as efficient as it could be, here are five points to start looking for the reasons.

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