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Making Strategic Plans in Non-Profit Organizations

As previously explained, the strategic plan is an important part in implementing the strategy that has been made. The strategic plan allows management to know the strategic options that can realize the company’s goals and objectives. And for non-profit organizations, this strategic plan becomes important because of the limited funds owned by the organization, so they must really choose the most effective strategy to be able to realize the goals of the organization. Bryson (1988) explains that for non-profit organizations, a strategic plan can be made by identifying strategic issues.

This strategic issue is a basic organizational policy question that will have an impact on the mandate, mission and values, level and mix of products/services, clients, users of products/services, costs, funding, management, and design of the organization. Identification of strategic issues is important because failure to identify strategic issues will cause the organization to be unable to face emerging threats or capitalize on opportunities that can be obtained by the organization. Bryon further explained that in order to be able to make a statement about the strategy, the organization must incorporate three elements into the strategy making of the issue. The first element is that strategic issues must be summarized into one paragraph for each issue.

What is also important is that the strategic issue must be something that can be determined by the organization. If the organization can’t do anything about the strategic issue then it is an issue for the organization. Not-for-profit organizations already have limited resources without having to worry about issues the organization can’t do anything about. The second element is the issue strategy must note why it is an issue strategy that must be faced by the organization. This is important for the process of making and selecting strategies that will be carried out at a later stage.

Finally, strategy making must also include the consequences that will be faced if the organization fails to address the strategic issues at hand. The stages for this strategy must be able to focus on focusing on things that are really important for the sustainability of the organization, especially in achieving goals, and must be able to include how the organization can achieve these goals. In addition, Bryon also writes down what is needed for the strategic plan made by the organization to be successful. According to him, to be able to create an effective strategic plan, an organization needs at least seven things, namely:

1. Sponsor a strategic plan that has the power to legitimize the process created

2. Champion who can encourage the process carried out

3. A strategy planning team

4. An expectation that there will be delays and delays in the existing process

5. Sure to be flexible about the things that make up the strategic plan.

6. Ability to draw information and people together for discussion and decision making at important times

7. Willingness to make and make different arguments in making evaluation evaluations.

So, the strategic plan made in a non-profit organization will be different from a business company in general. Strategic planning in non-financial non-profit organizations is different from strategic planning in business enterprises. Bryon then came up with the idea that in non-profit organizations, a strategic plan should be made first. This matter enable non-profit organizations to carry out planning strategies that do not focus on financial factors.

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