Pallet transport rates: its fundamental components

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Pallet transport rates deserve more than one article on our blog. The very nature of transport means that they are not particularly simple, and the more services and details they want to contain, the more complex they can become in the eyes of customers. Therefore, if you are looking for pallet transport rates, it will be good for you to handle some of these basic concepts.

Components of the pallet transport rates
Dimensions and weights

The most common thing is that the transport rates that you are presented take into account both the weight and the dimensions of the merchandise to be transported. Although there are exceptions, it is difficult to make them since the type of shipment must be very consistent so that the logistics operator and the shipper can assess the costs. For a customer who has both light and heavy merchandise, neglecting one of the variables may be impossible.

One of the most used tools to prevent these situations is the use of displacement. This means transferring the measurements to kilos. By multiplying the sides of the merchandise, the cubic meters that the merchandise occupies are calculated, and by applying a ratio of kilos per cubic meter, the volumetric weight is obtained. Which may differ greatly from the actual weight.
Zones in the transport rates of pallets

Distance is another key factor. Once again, it is feasible to find cases where rates are single-zone, or have at least a large part of their map unified into one. In the case of Spain, this is usually the case with the peninsula, since including the islands is practically impossible due to the great disparity in costs.

Another point to keep in mind is that distance is not the only factor sometimes when determining zones. Sometimes it happens that closer areas, but with less volume or transport transits, can be considered as more remote areas.

Insurance is a very delicate section in the world of logistics, and you should pay attention to how they are reflected in the pallet transport rates. In addition, there are aspects that are not very intuitive and that can obfuscate you. For example, the legislation includes in ordinary insurance a limit on the amount to be compensated for loss or breakage that is based on kilos (currently it is close to six euros per kilo of merchandise).

This amount may not cover the total value of the merchandise, and in case of having any incident it may be a problem and a disappointment. At Transgesa we offer the possibility of contracting all-risk insurance, which is very useful for certain types of merchandise whose value has little correspondence to its weight.

Pallet transport rates will also usually include various services. The most common is to find the division between urgent deliveries and the cheapest ones. However, often in the fine print you will be able to find a series of additional possibilities. Extras for direct services, for palletizing or depalletizing, costs such as dispatches in shipments to the Canary Islands, etc.

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