Personal Your Individual Skyline Restaurant

In Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, Dunkin’ Donuts tops the list—it has 187 shops in Queens, 161 in Manhattan, 139 in Brooklyn, and 36 on Staten Island. But for the primary time since we’ve been monitoring this information, Dunkin’ Donuts’ lead within the Bronx has been overtaken by MetroPCS, which has 98 areas within the Bronx in comparison with Dunkin’ Donuts’ 89. In Brooklyn, MetroPCS is simply one retailer shy of tying with the longtime chief. MetroPCS is the top cellular phone companies retailer in every of the five boroughs. Chains focusing on frozen yogurt, corresponding to Red Mango and 16 Handles, have expanded 283 percent—the largest development price of any retailer class.

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