Retail Franchise & Restaurant Marketing

“At the tip of the day the fast casuals and the QSR phase having gone through this pandemic are showing real legs that we are in a position to get up via good and bad times,” Tropical Smoothie Cafe CEO Charles Watson stated. “There some individuals who will trade up from quick food to pay a pair bucks more for a greater experience.” “The well being of franchisees, significantly in QSR, is fairly solid,” Davis said. “They’ve accomplished nicely during the pandemic. They have cash. The lenders are supporting those brands and franchisees so there’s not a capital problem.” DQ has a franchise payment of $35,000 and a liquid capital requirement of $400,000, based on their web site. They also prefer that candidates have prior restaurant management experience, however if you have the money and don’t have the expertise, you probably can companion with or hire someone who does that can help you run things.

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