The challenges of transport companies in Spain

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Changes bring challenges, and it is difficult to imagine a year with more drastic changes than this 2020. The covid pandemic has turned the plans of companies and people upside down, affecting our personal and professional lives. On this occasion we are going to see some of the challenges that transport companies face in Spain and how some of them have been affected by the appearance of this disease.

Challenges Transport companies in Spain

Digitization is a force that has been traversing the logistics industry for years and with enormous force. The growing complexity of storage, order preparation and demand management systems, together with traceability, are two of the digital innovations that are best received by customers of logistics operators.

However, this acceptance has not always been the same. For example, the introduction of the electronic CMR is encountering some reluctance among companies that prefer to continue operating analogically, with the traditional physical document on paper.


The most repeated word of the year cannot be missing if we look at the challenges faced not only by transport companies in Spain, but also by any sector. Covid has changed everything, including the way we deliver merchandise. More restrictive protocols in deliveries or in access to warehouses add to the extra costs of the necessary security equipment and the drop in economic activity.

Last Mille

The pandemic has also affected the last part of merchandise deliveries. Many companies have been forced to multiple or cut their hours, which ultimately affects distribution.

Transport companies in Spain find ourselves with more time pressure and less time to make deliveries.

Lack of professionals

Although we are talking about transport companies in Spain, the lack of qualified professionals in the sector is not an exclusive fact of our country. On the contrary, companies from several of the most industrialized countries, such as the US, claim to have problems finding the necessary profiles.

Image of the sector in transport companies in Spain

This section may have a close relationship with the previous one. The public imagination has traditionally not been very kind to the sector. It has been seen as a niche of low specialization and outdated, and all possible topics have been loaded on drivers.

This image does not correspond to the reality of the sector. Proof of this is the increasing number of qualifications and specialized training in logistics, from the professionals behind the wheel themselves to experts in supply chain, warehouse management, etc.

Spanish transport companies are also trying to accelerate this change. We, as part of the PBX network, have joined the motto of “Logistics is the new sexy”. Where with innovative actions, taking the world of logistics to unexpected places like ARCO.

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