The express transport company you are looking for

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Most of us like to wonder what one thing or another would be like in our dreams. The wedding of our dreams. The job of our dreams. The house of our dreams. The couple of our dreams… At Transgesa, as a logistics operator, we are in love with transport, so we have reflected on what characteristics the express transport company dreamed of by our clients should have.

The express transport company of your dreams
Express no matter the size

When you have an urgent shipment you don’t want to have to wait, regardless of the size of the shipment. Among the types of express shipments, one that has undergone a more profound revolution is loose pallet shipping. Express pallet transport companies have seen how the arrival of pallet distribution networks has popularized this type of delivery.

Transgesa, as founder of the Palibex network, is convinced of the future of these shipments. Companies need to be able to send small groups of pallets and have 24-hour services in the peninsular territory. In intermediate volumes between parcels and large groupage, companies need agile tools to move their merchandise.

In this way, they can serve recipients who seek to have increasingly smaller stocks, which translates into the need to receive a greater number of deliveries, but in smaller volumes.

Reliable express deliveries

A service must not only be a name or a label. It’s easy to label an express service, but what’s more complicated is making that promise true every day of the year. Urgent deliveries will also go through difficult periods. Summer holidays, holidays after which merchandise accumulates, Christmas… While customers are going to be more understanding with deliveries in cheaper services, with express transits emergencies are going to surface faster.

Express deliveries on the same day

Sometimes the urgency cannot wait even for the conventional 24-hour delivery period. Lately, the development of e-commerce has led to linking same-day deliveries with this type of business. However, the world of transportation has been around for years with same-day delivery services, and not just locally. Direct services have been part of Transgesa’s DNA since our inception more than 30 years ago, offering same-day deliveries with direct services from van to trailer.

Express deliveries all over the world

The rush, in addition to not understanding dates on the calendar, does not understand borders either. The development of logistics and transportation has made the world smaller, and it is possible to overcome what seem like insurmountable distances for express deliveries.

Logically air transport is the most expensive of all, but it is also the only one to cover distances of thousands of kilometers to deliver in record time. This makes it reserved for certain types of products with a high value, especially urgent (as we have seen loads of medical products during the pandemic), etc.

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