The miracle of express pallet transport companies

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Express pallet transport companies are constantly working to improve the transits they offer their customers. In Spain, the best pallet transport companies are capable of sending merchandise from one day to the next between towns hundreds of kilometers away. But the operation to do this reliably and consistently is not easy.

How do pallet transport companies get it?

Send a pallet from Galicia and have it delivered to Andalusia the next day. How do pallet transport companies manage to make these small groupage shipments so quickly? The usual scheme is the creation of coordination centers. In other words, transit warehouses for the merchandise, to which the delegations take the merchandise from their areas daily and take what they will have to distribute the next day.

For example, a vehicle with merchandise leaves Galicia for a warehouse in Madrid, where it leaves both that merchandise and other merchandise for different destinations in Spain. There the corresponding Andalusian truck picks it up, during the night coordination, and leaves for its destination to arrive the following morning. In this way, the last mile distribution can be carried out to its final destination.

Put like that, the process seems much simpler than it really is. Let’s see some of the difficulties it has.

The process of the arrival of merchandise from its trucks of origin and the loading in others, heading to its destination, implies a large amount of resources and movements that have to be carried out in the shortest possible time. You have to have the arrival times of the trucks organized (and that they are met, taking into account that they have to make these journeys of hundreds of kilometers). Then the merchandise must be classified and loaded into its destination vehicles.

All this supposes a great bustle of comings and goings, with very small windows of time. In order for the pallets to travel these distances, the merchandise must be in almost constant movement from its collection to its delivery.
Capillarity in pallet transport companies

For this gear to work, it is necessary to have a large number of wheels that can rotate and reach all destinations. On many occasions, what distinguishes leading PBX networks, such as ours, and the rest is the ability to reach every corner, providing a high-quality service in all of them.

While major cities may be better covered, many networks struggle to reach smaller populations or those further away from large urban centers. There the times begin to dilate and the initial deadlines end up becoming others.

In all this, the volume of merchandise that transits through the networks of the pallet transport companies also influences. It will always be easier to reach destinations when the network moves a sufficient quantity so that deliveries are optimized. The sum of capillarity and volume is critical to be able to efficiently reach all points of geography.
urgent deliveries

In this cycle in which pallet transport companies seek to be faster every day, PBX networks like ours are innovating in the creation of new services. In this way we have managed to offer our customers services such as the 10-hour service and the AM service, which allow deliveries to arrive even earlier. The growing needs of customers encourage us to go beyond delivery in 24 hours and continue shortening times.

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