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The worst customer experience of most popular banks in the UK

Banking services are needed by almost every citizen of the country to keep their money safe and to process safe transactions for their monetary dues. The UK is a larger region with 100s of banks providing services to their customers with some on top of the list and some below the average list. To find out which bank is considered the trustable one for your financial assets, visit Britainreviews to get a general idea of the banking services and how customers are satisfied and dissatisfied with the services of different banks in their region.

One of the advantages of choosing reviews from real customers is that you get to know the experiences of the people who interacted with the banks and it can help you suggest some of the good banks you can trust to keep your finances secure and pay bills on time. Things like positive reviews must be analyzed before choosing a bank. This guide lists some of the worst banks in the UK.

1. RBS bank

The RBS bank in the UK was considered one of the largest banks in the country with a larger customer base, but in recent days, it lost most of the customers to the complaints that the customer’s services are beyond poor and they failed to entertain their customers in the best possible way. One of the main reasons it was considered the worst was the overdraft services which made it impossible for customer authorization.

2. Virgin Money Bank

Virgin Money bank in the UK was one of the safest in a time yet it failed to keep this standard with time. Due to the insurance services, it started offering to the customers and a failure in the insurance services dropped below the line and the owners were helpless with the compensation. A scandal was raised in the recent year for the insurance and had caused the unsettlement of the people who invested yet they didn’t get that back.

3. Tesco Bank

The Tesco bank received the lowest level of customer satisfaction in the past few years due to the current account failure that led to the closure of all the current accounts registered with them. This led the customers who are affected by the service closure to move to a different bank for their services and made them angry with the bank’s provided services. Tesco also faced a backlash due to the weak security of their online banking services hence making them the worst banking choice for customers with a percentage of 60% which is considered the minimum against the other banks working in the UK.


Baking services need to be highly accurate as they are dealing with the money of the state and the customers who trust put in their money regarding the bank’s safety and services. The banks that are listed here are some of the worst considered by the customers themselves and have lost a lot of charges to the failures they have encountered in their banking services.

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