Tricks for sending pallets in Spain

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Pallet shipping in Spain is a world that is too big to cover in a single article on our blog. However, if we can dwell on some details that you may not have noticed. Whether you are a newbie or have been doing it for years, it never hurts to review some simple tricks for sending pallets in Spain.

Look at this for your shipments of pallets in Spain
Trust a specialist

The shipment of pallets in Spain has networks that are dedicated exclusively to the movement of palletized merchandise. In the case of Trangesa, thanks to being part of the PBX network, we have a specialized paleteria service, in which the processes are specially designed to deal exclusively with this type of deliveries. Without mixing it with loose parcels or large packages.

This is what allows us to be extremely fast, with services such as deliveries before 10 am or noon. The processes are more agile and cleaner, with a very specific type of merchandise. This specialization, at the end of the day, makes all the difference.
Is your merchandise palletizable?

It is possible that you have never asked yourself, but… should you palletize your merchandise?

Sometimes it is very easy to know if a shipment should leave as palletized merchandise or as a loose package. However, there are points where the distinction is not so obvious. It is possible that with your logistics operator you have differentiated rates for parcels and pallets, and there you can find the point (depending on volume, weight, area, etc.) where it is cheaper to opt for one option or another.

However, the cost is not the only variable to take into account. For example, for fragile merchandise, the use of the pallet is highly recommended, since due to its own characteristics it is a more comfortable type of operation for the merchandise. Or in the case of needing speed, sometimes the parcel can arrive before the paleteria networks.
Shipping of pallets in Spain between different points

A common phenomenon is that some logistics providers find it easy to make shipments from the customer’s area but have more difficulties when it comes to carrying out services between two different points on the peninsula. Being efficient in this type of management requires highly developed networks, with good capillarity, and a reliable and constant service. Without “black” points throughout the entire territory, achieving stability in transit times.

Transgesa, as part of the PBX network, can make the more than 700 people who work in the network available to its customers. This is how we managed to provide service to more than 25,000 clients, with 70 delegations and more than 550 trucks that make the capillarity that we mentioned before a reality.

These three “tricks” are not going to solve all your logistics, not even all your distribution of pallet shipments in Spain. However, they can help you take into account aspects that until now you have not paid attention to.

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