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We All Need Some Downtime

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Life can be tough. Work can really take it out of the best of us. With the advent of mobile and home working, many are finding that it is hard to get away from work.

The home office means that we are always ‘at work’, and it’s very difficult to avoid.

Consequently, many people find it hard to turn off and escape the 9 to 5.

Even for those lucky enough to have a regular office job, it is still hard to avoid the long hours and demanding boss. Our phones keep us tied to the grindstone.

Time Away

In order to keep ourselves as healthy as possible, we need to be able to turn off the stresses that modern work modes and modern life bring to our lives.

We need to be sure that the vacation we take is going to bring us the relaxation that we need. We can make sure of this by reading reviews of our prospective holiday before we go on

This is important, especially if you are considering using a travel agent. There are so many variables that it’s important to read reviews of travel agencies before you book your holiday.

Our time away from work means that we can disengage from the stresses that the modern workplace brings us, and re-center ourselves.


Studies show that breaks away from work especially longer breaks, lead to us becoming more relaxed.

Relaxation and relief of stressors in our lives have proven medical benefits that affect our wellbeing.

Relaxation has many benefits on the body, including improved immune system response and many other antibacterials and antiviral functions.

Relaxation through breaks from work stress also results in boosts in energy and mental performance.


Simply put, breaks from work make you more productive.

It’s very easy to make the assumption that long hours of relentless work translate into more work being done, but this is just not the case.

It’s not about how much you work, but how effectively that you work.

Regular breaks from work in the form of relaxing holidays make you more productive when you are at work, and more effective in the job that you are doing.

Not getting away from work for extended periods leads to burnout and other negative symptoms associated with the inability to cope properly that burnout brings.

In fact, even a short break can lead to measurable improvements in your life.


What if you can’t take a vacation right now, and you are stressed and suffering from overwork?

What can you do?

Well, there are things that you can do to help yourself in the day-to-day stress of life.

Taking a moment to step out of the fast lane and concentrate on the here and now is very important and helpful.

Learning some simple mindfulness exercises, or meditating for 30 minutes each day can have a tremendous benefit.

Most people report positive outcomes from simple meditative practices and you should try them yourself.

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