What are the advantages of having a comprehensive logistics operator?

On many occasions we like to have centralized in a single place what could be in several. It happens to most of us with banks and their receipts, with keys, with clothes and drawers… Simplicity is usually positive and avoids unnecessary complications. Something similar happens when we decide to have a comprehensive logistics operator. How does this centralization of services help us in a single comprehensive logistics operator?

What does a single comprehensive logistics provider provide?

There are companies that choose to have a greater number of suppliers, for various reasons. However, this can cause complications. For example, deciding who you are going to send each shipment with, taking into account the variety of offers -or having to automate it through software in which the collar can cost more than the dog-, takes time that is also money. Not having to be aware of who took out which distribution, if the delivery times change from one to another, if the merchandise is stored in one or another supplier, etc.

Having a comprehensive logistics operator allows you to have more things in the same space. Shipment tracking, stock status… It is easier to adjust to a smaller number of applications to see the traceability of shipments than to be changing from one to another depending on your provider. Centralizing the information needed by the loading company in this way makes life much easier.

Few things are more comfortable for customers than knowing who they have to talk to to resolve a given issue. At the opposite extreme we find those annoying calls to customer service departments in which we feel like a ball. Being carried around without knowing who to talk to.

When working with a single integral logistics operator, the operations of the client and the transport company know each other directly. They know who can help them with certain tasks and information flows better.
Experience with a comprehensive logistics provider

As much as the services are standardized under certain procedures, clients will have particularities and needs that are not included in the service books. When you have a single logistics provider, the experience will help you to know all those small details that are so relevant.

From which merchandise, campaigns or events are the most urgent, what the merchandise is like, which destinations or processes are especially delicate, the particularities of the recipients… When a delivery person has already made many deliveries to the same destination (and knows how to deliver and with who to talk to) it is much easier to avoid trouble.

Service providers, not just in transportation, struggle to earn the trust of their customers. To achieve this, the most common way is to offer a good service for a long time. Having a single supplier makes it possible for us to constantly value you and, based on that trust, better aspects that we have mentioned, such as communication, also grow.

As we have said, there are other reasons to prefer the alternative of having several providers, and we have already talked about it on our blog. However, there are also compelling reasons to choose a single provider.

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