What are the most used logistics services

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Everyone, whether or not they are part of the sector, has an idea of what freight transport is. Maybe it’s superficial, because of the orders you receive from e-commerce, or maybe your only contact is with the pallets you reuse to make furniture at home. But for locals and strangers it is interesting to have at least a basic notion of what are the main logistics services that exist for the transport of goods.

Main logistics services
Full loads, groupage and direct transport

We have recently dedicated one of our articles to groupage. In it we get into the differences between groupage and full loads. These types of services are the least known to neophytes, who are unlikely to find a specific need for transportation that involves loading a full trailer. Although they may be forced by unforeseen events to send direct transport of small vehicles such as vans or small vans.

Full loads and large fleets are the natural terrain of large shippers, large distribution and larger manufacturers. Direct transport also appears, as we have commented, related to the resolution of emergencies or very sensitive services in time.

express paleteria

However, not only large shippers have emergencies, or they only have large shipments. Nor can the logistics of a company always function under the additional costs involved in direct emergency transport. The evolution of transport and customer needs have led to the creation of express pallets. In other words, pallet shipment networks from a single pallet and that operate with extremely fast times.

These logistics services have experienced a strong boom in Spain in recent times, helping supply chains that work under just in time, facilitating the reduction of stocks and reducing reaction times.


Among the most used logistics services, parcels would be the best known. The omnipresence of electronic commerce has made almost the entire user population of this type of logistics services. We have become familiar with express deliveries, with the traceability of shipments, with expected delivery dates, etc.

Urgent parcels have been precisely a model for express pallet networks, which have focused on them to improve transit times.

Warehousing and order preparation logistics services

Storage and preparation of orders is an essential process for some companies. Here, concepts such as good care of materials, accuracy of information (existing merchandise, shrinkage, stock in real time), cost optimization in order preparation (studying the optimal positions of the merchandise according to their rotation and even the type of orders, etc.).

In the most complex cases, the service can go even further. The logistics provider can be fully integrated into the customer’s supply chain, participate in demand forecasting, in knowing how this demand is occurring in real time, etc.

In general terms, this could be the ABC of logistics services, and those that will cover the vast majority of needs, both for individuals and companies.

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