What do you know and what do you not know about freight forwarding companies?

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Cargo transport companies surround us on a daily basis, both those of us who work in the sector and people who do not have any professional relationship with it. This closeness means that we know several things about him, but it does not prevent the general public from not knowing many of his most relevant facts.

Things you know about freight forwarding companies
The importance of freight forwarding companies

How did the chair you’re sitting on, the computer or mobile phone you’re reading this on, or even the materials used to make the floor you walk on, get there? Transportation is essential to the functioning of the world. We need to constantly move raw materials, food, clothing… Everything that makes our world our world. Absolutely everything.
It comes to your door of your house

All our lives, transport has reached the door of our houses. The postmen brought us the mail, they have brought us the pizzas at home, etc. However, the endless boom in electronic commerce has made most of us little experts in receiving products through this channel. Thus, the general public has become accustomed to traceability systems, estimated delivery dates, management of schedules and absences of recipients, among other things.
Costs are going up

In a context of widespread inflation, among the products that rise the most in the shopping cart, we are all used to hearing the price of fuel and – hopelessly related – that of transport. And the price of transport itself has an impact on the final cost of the products.
Things you don’t know about freight forwarding companies
economic size

The transport sector represents 7.9% of Spanish GDP. A figure that rises to 10% if the logistics activities carried out by companies that are not logistics specialists themselves are added. Freight transport companies are, therefore, both the necessary muscle for the country’s economy and a large part of it.
The number of companies

In Spain, the transport sector is highly fragmented. In other words, there is a large number of small and medium-sized companies that shape the sector. Few would come close to the correct figure if asked like on a TV game show. At the beginning of 2021, the number of transport and storage companies in Spain stood at the figure of 210,502 entities.
future industry

Freight forwarding companies have a busy future ahead of them. Logistics needs do not stop changing and growing, with many challenges ahead. Ecommerce deliveries, transparent traceability, last-mile delivery, green logistics, deliveries in large urban centers, demand prediction, just in time and stock reduction… And so on.

Companies will continue to need logistics, to which more technology-oriented positions will have to be added, for the introduction of new digital tools. The consensus of studies on the sector forecasts sustained growth for the coming years. From the need for more drivers to the most technological profiles.

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