What good logistics companies do

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Sleep eight hours, drink two liters of water a day, walk for an hour, eat five times a day but less… We have all heard these recommendations. In the same way that these habits are healthy for people, there are habits that are beneficial for companies. And just as not all of us follow these rituals, not all companies have the same good habits. This week we stop to see what good logistics companies do.

Four things good logistics companies do
Improving what good logistics companies already do

You may be doing great things in November 2020. But if you keep doing the same things identically in November 2040, it will be almost impossible for you not to be out of the market and left behind by your competition. Good logistics companies measure their performance internally to really know how well -or how badly- they are doing things. As a general rule, this is done through the use of performance indicators, which, when well chosen and properly implemented -so that the data reflect reality, and so that this reality is also relevant-, are a fundamental help.
Good logistics companies innovate

Innovation is not the same as improvement. Innovating does not mean just doing something better, but doing it differently. Or, even better, do something that wasn’t done before and that means an improvement in the service you offer your client (whether it’s due to better service, greater efficiency, greater comfort or a reduction in costs).

Here the concept of innovating to achieve a change for the better is vital. In our blog we have already dealt with innovation on some occasions, and we have seen that knowing when and how to innovate is as important as innovation itself. And there are many companies that regret undertaking an innovation that was not justified or was not what the company really needed.
Repeat… but avoiding failures

What is logistics, sometimes, the art of repetition. Do similar processes over and over again but reducing the failure to the minimum. A break in a piece of merchandise, an erroneous labeling, a mistake in the preparation of an order… There will always be a margin for error. But when you work with good logistics companies, these failures will be a one-off event instead of something repetitive that, unfortunately, does not surprise you.
Look out

Good logistics companies do not finish their work when the merchandise has left for its destination. In fact, it is during this stretch where more things can happen. The failure in a link of the merchandise, the management of the delivery time with an individual, a change of address, hours or contact person, stores that have closed, recipients who reject the merchandise… A logistics operator manages in time real all these possible events so that the merchandise can be delivered and so that the sender is always aware of what is happening with it.

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