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What machines are necessary to produce meat products?

Large food industry plants use many machines that improve the production of various products. Meat preparation process involves several steps such as grinding, portioning, smoking, and packaging. What devices will make these tasks easier? Find out what equipment will be useful in any plant that produces sausages, hams, or cutlets on a large scale.

Grinders and mincers – what are they used for?

A butcher’s grinder is a device used for grinding all kinds of meat, as well as other food products. It is usually equipped with special systems that allow the machine to be adapted to the specific work plan. On the market, you can find various types of sieves, cutters, knives, and other spare parts. Meat grinders significantly increase the efficiency of production and allow you to reduce the risk of accidents related to manual work.

Technologically advanced meat grinders are adapted to work for many hours every day. The machines are characterized by a well-thought-out design, which makes them very easy to clean and maintain. They are made of stainless steel, which is an extremely durable material, resistant to any mechanical damage.

Smokehouses – how to prepare meat in the traditional way?

Thermal treatment is one of the most popular methods of preparing various types of meat products. The smokehouses are characterized by modern design solutions. The temperature is constantly monitored, and smoke is admitted in calculated amounts. Depending on the selected device, it is possible to carry out various processes such as:

  • hot smoking,
  • brewing,
  • drying,
  • baking.

The chambers are equipped with dedicated controllers that automate the smoking process. This means that the operation of the machine is extremely simple. An additional convenience is the possibility of automatic or semi-automatic cleaning.

Meat portioning – what devices can be useful?

There are several types of machines that are used to crush and divide meat products. They are essential equipment for enterprises operating in the butcher industry. The most commonly used devices include:

  • dicers,
  • choppers,
  • slicers,
  • formers.

Modern and efficient machines of these types significantly speed up the process of preparing meats for sale. They enable portioning of many products. They are perfect for fresh, cooked, baked, or frozen meat.

Where to buy the best machines for the food industry?

Currently, there are many equipment dealers in the food industry who sell various devices for the production of meat products. Some companies specialize in getting used machinery back into service. BMG Trade offers equipment constructed by trusted and respected manufacturers all over the world. A team of professional technicians ensures that each device is of the highest quality. The assortment includes grinders of various sizes, smoking chambers, skinning machines and many other machines for the food industry.

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