What should your pallet transport company help you with?

Good suppliers make our lives easier. They solve those issues that our company does not reach or in which it needs a little push. A pallet transport company is a supplier that is often critical, because it is so attached to the product and the final customer. Therefore, we are going to see some essential aspects in which your logistics operator should help you.

Four aspects in which a pallet transport company should help you
Delivery time

There are many ways to measure what a successful delivery is. However, if we were to stick with one parameter, the favorite candidate of the majority would be time. We move in a world that is faster and faster. Whether in the personal sphere of B2C or in the professional sphere of B2B, time is money. The reflection of this is that the tension in times of just-in-time models has been added to the ultra-short delivery times of electronic commerce.

Merchandise security

Although speed is usually the most sought after quality in pallet or parcel transport companies, security is not far behind. You will be able to get little benefit from your merchandise if it arrives in poor condition. Pallet transport companies have an advantage over parcel companies in this sense, since transport on pallets is more delicate with the merchandise.

No matter how careful you take the parcel, it will never go the same way as on a duly shrink-wrapped pallet, strapped, with corners, etc. The transfer through the distribution tapes of the world of parcels is much more tiring for the merchandise than the operation of the pallets.

Information on a pallet transport company

This century is trying to prove that information is power as true. Information reduces uncertainty, allows us to choose and act on more solid bases, and avoids misunderstandings and problems.

In pallet transport companies, information can be translated in different ways. The traceability of shipments is a type of information. This includes the status of the shipment, possible incidents and the solutions to them. Another totally different type of information is, for example, performance indicators.

Reliability: more and less crowded destinations

Large cities are the most common origins and destinations for a pallet transport company. From and to them it is easier to organize routes and deliveries. The challenge, often, is to bring the same service that is given in the large centers to the small ones, or to those that are far from these large populations.

To achieve this, at Transgesa we are part of the PBX network, which, thanks to a wide presence of branches throughout Spain, manages to maintain the level of service at any point of geography. Although the smaller the population, usually the number of shipments will also be smaller, on many occasions it will be in these deliveries where the difference between one pallet transport company and another will be marked.

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