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SEO or Social Media Marketing: Which One Is Better?

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SEO or Social Media Marketing: Which One Is Better? Both time and cash are limited resources for a small company. Most business owners are perplexed when establishing an online presence about what will give them better returns on their investment-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SMM (Social Media Marketing). So, which one is a better investment? SEO or social media marketing. Instead of wasting time searching for business loans for small business, let us put you through how you can decide to invest in SEO or SMM

Let’s first clarify what they both are and how they work to understand your time and money’s wiser use.

What’s Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of structures and techniques planned to provide your website with organic traffic. When someone searches for workwords related to your website, SEO increases your website’s visibility and helps it rank higher in the search results. SEO methods include creating backlinks for your website, optimizing your website’s layout and content, creating content, and marketing content.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing focuses on creating content on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ that attract attention. It is a marketing process that, via social networking sites, will bring traffic to your website. Social Media Marketing may include organic social content sharing and paid advertising where you are charged by the social media podium depending on the number of views or clicks.

Search Engine Optimization vs. Social Media Marketing: Which is the Better Bet

It depends a lot on your company’s specific context. Here are SEO’s advantages over SMM.

  1. The more your company is based on needs, the more likely your prospective customer will search for the company online. Areport says that 61 percent of people chose to search online for a product before purchasing.
  2. Keywords to guide you- You can search for a keyword to understand what terms are being searched for by individuals related to your product. It helps you streamline the correct direction in your content marketing and SEO strategy, and you don’t have to shoot blindly.

Here is the situation in which Social Media Marketing scores over Search Engine Optimization

  • Referrals: If your product thrives on recommendations from word-of-mouth and peers, it is the social media shares and likes that give your product the peer validation it needs and encourage friends to make a purchase. Feedback on US-Reviews shows that 75 percent of people consider peer recommendations on social media when making an online purchase.
  • Response to Criticism – In contrast to search engines, where bad reviews can hamper your results, social media allows you to respond in real-time to criticism and enables you to turn a critic into a happy customer. It will enable you to manage your online reputation a lot more effectively.

SEO and SMM’s efficacy depends on the unique business context, as every good digital marketer knows. While the percentage of effort towards each may differ based on what works best for you, it is continuously an excellent idea to invest to some degree in social media and SEO.

It can be hazardous for your company to concentrate your marketing efforts on just one traffic source. For example, if you lose your Google search ranking to a well-funded competitor or your Facebook page is removed because of a misunderstanding, you will find yourself in a tough place if you rely on only one source of traffic.

Investing in both SEO and SMM is also a good idea because they reinforce and impact each other.

SEO or SMM- Which ROI (Return on Investment) is better?

While you can see here that search has a definite edge over social media (SEO and Search Engine Marketing), there is still no hard and fast rule. Innovative social media marketing and paid advertising often help companies boost the short term, while SEO is more of a game in the long run. Investing in both channels is best, although how much to invest depends entirely on your business context.

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