Three things you need to know about the national transport of pallets

There has probably never been a better time in history for companies that need to ship merchandise. In addition to the large number of existing services and options, increasingly complete offers are added, with more competitive schedules and continuous improvements in aspects such as traceability. Among the protagonists of these logistical advances is the transport of national pallets, which years ago arrived in Spain from England, a country in which these networks began to be used for the urgent shipment of pallets in small batches (usually between one and three pallets per destination).

What is making national pallet transport so attractive to thousands of companies?
1.- Adjust to current needs

There are several reasons that explain the good reception that this type of transport is having. But, if we had to stay with one of them, we could point to the tendency of companies to reduce stocks. As companies try to reduce the amount of merchandise in stock—to reduce warehousing costs, the amount of money in the form of product waiting to be sold on the shelves, etc.—their need to be able to ship grows. faster and smaller quantities.

That is why these networks specialized in the transport of national pallets that emphasize speed and respond to small batches are so well positioned today. Cargo companies have increased the frequency of shipments, reducing their size, and they need this improvement in delivery times to supply a supply chain in which deadlines are increasingly fine-tuned. Thus, the costs that we mentioned before, associated with the use of larger stocks, can be saved.

2.- It is growing

With this ability to respond to one of the great demands of modern supply chains, it is not surprising that it is growing. The national pallet transport networks are experiencing a sweet moment and it seems that the market wants more. Palibex, the most recent Spanish incorporation and of which Transgesa is a part, is a clear example of this, growing continuously since its appearance in 2012. During 2018 the network moved 100,000 more pallets than during the previous year, reaching a total of 645,000 pallets. distributed.

This continued increase in volumes is also due to the fact that the market is increasingly used to this type of product. Loading companies increasingly look to networks like ours, specialized in urgent services for loose pallets, and little by little divert items to this market that were previously delivered to other types of networks more accustomed to traditional groupage. These charging firms increasingly know and appreciate more the speed and agility of urgent networks like ours to use them in this type of situation. The more people know about the existence and advantages of these national pallet transport companies, the more their use grows.

3.- Speed is not the enemy of security

In the express pallet shop, the speed of parcels and traditional courier services come together with the usual security and treatment of merchandise in the world of palletized merchandise. Conventional parcel networks make great efforts to treat their merchandise in the best possible way and avoid breakage or damage. However, the national transport of pallets starts with the advantage of having the security provided by the pallet itself.

The fastening, the reduction of movements between the goods during the trip, the possibility of using additional security elements with greater ease (strapping, corners, shrink wrap…), and even designing and dimensioning the packages thinking about the best way. so that they go on the pallet are important advantages with respect to parcels.

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