Three factors in the ground transportation service

Hiring a ground transportation service is a daily necessity for thousands of companies in Spain. Manufacturers of all kinds, farmers, printers… An endless number of sectors need to get the merchandise to their customers or to the point where they are needed. For this, the solution is in transport. And knowing some of the circumstances that affect any ground transportation service will be very helpful.

Factors to take into account in a ground transportation service

There is a wide variety when we talk about ground transportation service. For example, based on the necessary speed, the most common thing is to differentiate between economic or urgent shipments. Although within the urgent we can also find a variety: 24 hours (the next day), 14 hours (before 2:00 p.m. the next day), 10 hours…

The higher the speed, the more cost the service will have; That is why it is very important to know how much time we have to make our deliveries. If we fail, either above or below, we will be either paying more for a service that we did not require or compromising the satisfaction of our recipients and customers by not adapting to their needs.

But the land transport service can also be radically different depending on the nature of the merchandise or its dimensions. For example, very bulky merchandise may require special transport, which requires certain vehicles, routes and permits. While small deliveries, the most common in electronic commerce, will require a network of great capillarity and small vehicles.
Other types of ground transportation service

The speed or the size of the merchandise are not the only varieties that we can face. The logistics of some customers may require, for example, night deliveries to certain department stores or customers. Others require deliveries during the day, but also at certain times or with agreed dates.

Sometimes the key lies in how the vehicle facilitates the delivery itself. We are talking about, among others, trailers with a side canvas for loading and unloading bulky merchandise, trucks with hatches in places where it cannot be unloaded through a dock, self-unloading trucks, etc.

Variation in fuel prices

2022 is proving to be a particularly stressful year for the world of logistics. Such is the pressure on its costs that even the government has legislated on the application of the rising price of gasoline in customer rates.

Historically, the inclusion of gasoline taxes was focused, mainly on international routes. However, the new current scenario has meant that this type of scale is present throughout most services. Companies that require logistics services, therefore, will have to take into greater consideration the fluctuations in the prices of hydrocarbons.

When hiring a land transport service and designing the needs of your supply chain, it will be very useful to keep this type of case in mind and, thus, find the logistics provider that best suits your needs.

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