Four things that transport agencies in Madrid face

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They say that from Madrid to heaven. However, getting around the capital of Spain can sometimes not be as easy as the famous saying promises. Transport agencies in Madrid face a particular problem, due in large part to the challenge of last-mile delivery in a large city.

What are these challenges for freight transport?

Challenges of transport agencies in Madrid

As in most large cities in the world, traffic in Madrid is an almost omnipresent factor in the life of the city. Transport agencies in Madrid have to live with traffic and all that it implies.

The congestion of the highways means that the routes are optimal, that the number of kilometers traveled per hour is lower and that the proportion of fuel consumption is also worse than in other less congested urban centers.

Timetables at transport agencies in Madrid

Madrid is also famous for being a place of great hustle and bustle, people rushing through the streets and work stress. This type of life also translates into peculiarities that affect transportation. For example, in the business world there is a great desire for express deliveries first thing in the morning. While, among individuals, also influenced by work during the day, attempts are made to extend delivery to homes in the afternoon as long as possible.

This breadth in delivery times forces carriers to plan different routes that cover this entire time spectrum.

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Transport agencies in Madrid also have to fight with loading and unloading places. Large cities try to maintain a difficult balance between the needs of the delivery of merchandise and the rest of the life of the city. How to prioritize them, when it comes to the rights of the same people, only depending on whether they are waiting to receive a shipment or if they want to take a walk as pleasant as possible?

In recent times we have experienced the cutback of access areas either according to schedules or during the entire working day. The pedestrianization of spaces is another of the factors against which logistics in large cities comes up against. To sum up this paradox, we all want our streets clear of congestion and our shipments first thing in the morning.

Distances greater than we think

We locals are also famous for saying that everything in Madrid is 20 minutes away by Metro. This causes people from outside Madrid to be surprised, seeing how sometimes we underestimate the distances that exist in the capital. This is confirmed by its 604.3 km2 of surface. These distances also force transport agencies in Madrid to have greater capillarity, through more routes and vehicles. To be able to deal with deals that, no matter how much they are in the same city, are far from being close.

Delivering in a big city is not easy. Madrid shares these difficulties with most of the main urban centers on the planet. The challenge of ensuring that transportation needs coexist with the rest of the citizens’ needs is a challenge that will be vital in the coming years.

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