The main national transport agencies for pallets

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The express transport of pallets is a sector that has been experiencing significant growth for years. Ecommerce is not the only field in which the immediacy of delivery is increasingly important and companies are increasingly used to small batches with highly flexible deliveries. To find out the evolution of this part of transport, we have reviewed the main national pallet transport agencies.

The birth of express pallet distribution networks

The transport networks specialized in the urgent shipment of pallets were born in England in the 80s of the last century. Its vocation was very clear, to offer a specialized service in three concepts: palletized merchandise, express service and small groups of pallets (especially between one and three pallets are where these networks are most competitive).

Being so specifically designed, their level of agility to move these small groups of pallets is difficult to match for some large companies, used to consolidating larger groupages. With the reduction in the size of stored stocks, this type of distribution has been very well received by shippers.

What are the main national transport agencies for pallets?

In Spain there are currently three large pallet distribution networks: Palibex, Palletways and Pallex.

Palibex, of which Transgesa is a founding partner, has been the last network to appear and has done so causing a lot of noise, with a great reception in the market. In 2012, when the word “crisis” still hung over all the news, Palibex jumped onto the market as the first network with 100% Spanish capital. The years have proved this adventure right, moving more than 600,000 pallets a year.

Although they all share the urgent paleteria sector, Palibex’s proposal includes particularities that help it stand out. One of the most valued is the rear loading of vehicles. Compared to lateral loading, which is carried out inside the warehouses themselves, rear loading by dock means a smoke-free operation and, therefore, cleaner. Something that is especially appreciated in the consumer goods sector.

Palletways, of English origin, was the first of the national pallet transport agencies to land in Spain, and to which Transgesa also belonged in its beginnings in this market niche. The third company, Pallex, also shares the origin in England.

The future of urgent pallet transport

The fact that three networks coexist in Spain is not surprising. In fact, compared to the country that has been the cradle of this specialty, Spain has a long way to go. For example, in 2013 the United Kingdom had no less than eight networks of this type. And while here the sector was between 2,500 and 3,000 pallets moved per day, in the United Kingdom the figure reached 60,000 pallets per day.

These differences explain why networks like Palibex have been growing strongly in recent years: there is a growing demand from companies that value this service more and more. While others are beginning to learn its advantages and how it helps them offer more value to their own customers.

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