Peculiarities of land freight transport

By land, sea and air. These are the most common means of transporting goods today. At Transgesa we are specialized in land freight transport and today we are going to dedicate our article to pointing out some of the peculiarities of this modality. What aspects of this typology (especially road, leaving rail aside) are the most characteristic compared to shipments by ship or plane?

6 Peculiarities of land freight transport
1.- Rest times

Logically there are also limitations in the rest of the types of transport. However, the various time limits in truck driving are much more decisive when it comes to drawing routes and planning breaks.

2.- Customization in land freight transport

While the sea and the air are more jack, horse and king, land freight transport is more adaptable to the needs of the client. If you want to move merchandise by ship or by plane, you will normally have to adapt to the freight rates that the airlines and shipping companies have already established. However, it is much more feasible to manage that a vehicle (from a van to a trailer) makes a route designed expressly for a need.

3.- Troubleshooter

Unless we are talking about very long distances, in which the plane starts with an advantage, the road is the center of attention when you have to solve a last-minute emergency. Even in journeys of hundreds of kilometers it is the fastest, since with the plane you will depend on when your flights are going to leave, the unloading of the merchandise, a new link for the last mile, etc.

4.- Door to door

If the highway can boast of something in front of the air and sea, it is how they need you to finish their shipments. From the airport and from the port, the most frequent thing is to need land transport to continue with the transit of the merchandise.

5.- Urban designs

Of course, airspaces and sea lanes are not exempt from their own designs and from sticking to them. But the influence of urban design has an even greater weight in road transport. Even more so when transport is just one of the aspects that urban planning takes into account (and that, unfortunately, is sometimes taken too little into account).

The design of a city, its access roads, ring roads, loading and unloading areas, among others, make up the rules of the game for land freight transport in the last mile.

6.- Traffic in land freight transport

Ports and airports can be collapsed in a timely manner. But the way in which the traffic affects the road is very different due to the habituality of this type of retention. Transgesa, as a logistics operator based in Madrid, lives daily with the volumes of road traffic in the capital and counts on them as one more, perennial element of its operations.

These are some of the peculiarities that have most caught our attention regarding the ship or the plane. Which are the most relevant to you?

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