The relevance of urgent transport companies

Logistics, like Santa Barbara, most people only remember when it thunders. These days it is easy to see the news, radio and newspapers elaborate on the problems that are occurring in the supply chains of some parts of the planet. Shortages, ships waiting and queuing at port entrances, empty supermarket lines, low-minimum gas stations… It is at this time that we tend to fall into the importance that urgent transport companies have for our day-to-day work as we are. accustomed.

Aspects affected for urgent transport companies
Just in time and urgent transport companies

Working under Just In Time parameters has become a standard in many companies, especially in sectors such as the automotive industry, where this philosophy comes from. By trying to adjust the times as much as possible (production, transport, storage, etc.), these companies are more sensitive to unforeseen events that may arise.

For this reason, when the unforeseen event is not something specific but rather turbulence in production and the international supply chain, companies that work under Just In Time parameters have less room for manoeuvre, and the voluntary shortage of stored product is transformed. in a threat. Urgent transport companies can be vital to avoid greater evils or stock breaks.
Supplier distance

Industrial globalization has increasingly increased the distances between companies, suppliers and consumers. Industrial relocation, China acting as the world’s factory… The raw material, the semi-finished components and the final products travel and travel all over the planet.

Once again, this exacerbates problems when they arise. The further away your provider or your client is, the more difficult it is to find an emergency solution to your transits at the other end of the world, and often the solution lies in finding a new provider closer to you. With all the problems that this can entail (lack of knowledge of quality, compliance with deadlines and conditions, etc.).

Good express transport companies will help you in these situations. But they will not be able to perform miracles. For example, the famous lack of microchips worldwide brings giants in the world of video games, cars and anything that uses these components to their heads. In these cases, it does not matter what the express transport companies want to do if there are no stocks.
Risk management

Everything we have seen so far has to be increasingly taken into account in the risk management of companies. Regarding the supply chain, it is not trivial where the different suppliers you need are located. The more you have and the further away they are, the greater the probability that problems will arise and that they have a worse solution.

However, when assessing these risks it is difficult to know how to take phenomena such as Brexit or Covid into account. Companies make numbers and it is not easy for them to opt for solutions with higher costs in order to prevent events that can be considered highly improbable.

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