What the best transport companies have in common

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Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of being able to count on a quality logistics provider. But it is not always easy to find one that meets this requirement and that also fits the needs of the company. But so that this search can be easier, as logistics operators we propose a list of virtues that are common among the best transport companies.

This way it will be up to you to evaluate if your current logistics partner is complying with them.

Virtues of the best transport companies
Innovation, and not only technological

An unflattering sign will be to notice that your provider seems to be outdated. However, it is important not to value innovation only for the purely technological aspect. If your logistics provider innovates, you will also notice it in the way it addresses your needs: detecting new solutions, finding new routes, designing more efficient processes. Often the biggest changes come from small details or modifications that make a difference.


In customization, it is precisely where these small differences tend to shine. Small customizations -and being able to introduce them into standardized processes without suffering them- mean that many clients find the right solution that until now they had not been able to with other transport companies.


In few sectors is the saying that the lack of news is good news more true than in logistics. There are not few companies that affirm that their ideal is to be able to completely forget about the logistics part. For this, the best transport companies develop solid and stable services: standardized delivery times -without areas that are black spots-, distribution networks with solvent delegations, etc.

The best transport companies help you in the worst moments

In this search for stability, the way to deal with seasonality is also present. That is to say, those times of the year in which there are great ups and downs in the amount of merchandise that is distributed. For a company that wants to manage all its logistics, both the vacancy of people and machinery at low times and the excess volume at the highest peaks could be very problematic. Logistics operators are used to dealing with these cases, in addition to having other clients -with different seasonal peaks- that can help alleviate this effect.

This quality also has an impact on scalability, so that the best transport companies are capable of naturally assuming the possible growth of their clients, even if they are strong.

find the value

If the world of marketing works so that companies can present an interesting value proposition to the market, you can do the same when evaluating your logistics provider. How is your transportation company improving your life? Is your fragile merchandise being delivered more safely and with fewer breakages? Can you reach a key distributor for you in less time? Does it manage to optimize routes or does it discover new ways to improve your costs?

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