Four keys for your shipment of pallets

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When making a shipment of pallets, it is very important to handle several basic aspects with ease. So that you can do it, we are going to deal with some of them in this week’s blog article.

Four keys for your shipment of pallets
How are your pallets

The two most common types of pallets in Spain are those known as European (120 x 80 cm base) and American (120 x 100 cm). The vast majority of pallets you will see will be of this type and much of the merchandise and its packaging is designed with this in mind. This is because they facilitate the optimization of vehicles as it is the most used standard and for this reason it is common for companies to have their rates appropriate to these dimensions.

For this reason, when we have to send pallets we have to take into account what our pallets are like. Are they within the standard measurements? Another important aspect is whether they can be remounted; that is, if merchandise can be safely located on them during transport. If it is not, it is necessary to notify your logistics provider. In some cases, non-remountable merchandise will have an extra cost, as nothing needs to travel on it, thus taking up more space for practical purposes.
Pallet preparation

The preparation of the pallets does not refer only to the size. A well-prepared pallet is one in which the merchandise does not protrude from the pallet and in which it is firmly located and protected. For this you can use shrink plastic, strapping, corners, bubble wrap…

In addition, there are other tricks so that the consolidation of your merchandise is better. If you have pallets that have boxes of different weights, it is best to place the heaviest ones at the bottom and leave the lightest ones for the upper rows. In the same way, boxes that have less empty space inside the box will be better than those with more ‘air’ to make a base.
When to resort to sending pallets

Another important aspect to evaluate is when you need to send pallets and when you don’t. For this, it is essential to know how to play with the amount of merchandise you need to deliver and with the time frames you have for it. If you have a lot of urgency but a small quantity, you may have to resort to the parcel service. Or maybe because of the number of kilos it is more profitable for you.

At the opposite extreme, the longer we can delay delivery, it is more feasible to accumulate shipments and resort to cheaper types of shipments in their price-kilo ratio. Such as groupage and full load.
Work with a specialist

Who do you entrust your pallet shipments to? If you want them to be a success, one of the best tips is to work with a specialist in the field. Express pallet networks such as PBX, of which Transgesa is a part, exclusively move this type of merchandise, so all its operations are designed and adapted to optimize the transport of pallets.

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